Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker and Writer


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Ellen Bard’s work has been featured in various publications, both in print and offline. Check the list below to read some of her most recent work.


Huffington Post | From Burnout to Being on Fire: Four Lessons that Changed My Life
Tiny Buddha | 45 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul
WriteHackr | How to Become a Writing Machine, Even if You Have A Day Job (p52)
Guided Mind | 5 Gentle Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem by Being Kind to Yourself
Location180 | 10 Self-Care Strategies for New Location Rebels
Tiny Buddha | 5 Ways to Love Your Life Without Making A Major Change
ThinkSimpleNow | 5 Tips to Increase Your Emotional IQ and Effectively Express Your Emotions
Pick the Brain | How to Set Up an Accountability Group and get Serious Results
Goodlife Zen | 7 Tips to Stop Feeling Life a Fraud and Embrace Your Success
ThinkSimpleNow | A Guide to Happiness via Self-Compassion
Mind Body Green | How to Use Tenacious Self-Kindness for Healthy Weight Loss
My Travel Affairs | Sabai Sabai Life, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Tiny Buddha | Managing Chronic Pain: 5 Lessons from Being Hit By a Truck
Having Time | Here’s Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, But Essential
Tiny Buddha | How to be Sure External Factors aren’t Affecting Your Decision
Tiny Buddha | 3 Simple Acts of Kindness that Can Make Someone’s Day
Tiny Buddha | 3 Vital Lessons on Living a Life Without Regret
Career Coaching Ventures | How to Prepare for Situational Judgement Tests
Assessment and Development Matters | Carcinogenic Assessment | Passive Aggression in the Assessment Relationship


The Guardian | Wanderlust: How to become a remote worker
BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour | What Will Help You Get On in the World of Work
The Creative Penn | Self-Care and Productivity for Authors
Financial Times | The Careerist: Managing Underperformers
Financial Times | The Careerist: Managing a Former Boss

MightyGoods | How This Management Consultant from the UK Became a Nomad Based in Thailand
Becoming Who You Are | October Round-Up
Self-Development Secrets | 200 Best Self-Help Books
Quiet Writing | Being Accountable to Ourselves and Others
IMBY | The M List: You Should Go and Love Yourself
Living a Creative Life | Living the Nomadic Life
Stylist Magazine | The art of leaning back: why it’s time to redefine what success looks like | 4 Tried And True Methods To Be More Productive
Katharine Writes | Self-Care Advice for Entrepreneurs | How to Get Back to Happy (Even if Your Day is Going Down in Flames) – 35 Experts Show You How
The Real Dreamer | 34 Experts on How to Find Your Talent And Make it Profitable
Chiang Mai City Life | Want to be a Writer? Join One of the Groups in Our City
7in7 Conference, Bangkok | Speaker on Work-Life-Travel Balance
Digital Nomads Live – Ladies First! Conference | Panel on Balance and Living a Sustainable Nomad Lifestyle | How to Deal With Underperforming Colleagues | Dream Of Work On The Road? 5 Nomads Give No-Bullshit Tips
Adapt RM | 82 Experts Reveal Their Time Management Tips
Women Digital Nomads | Meet Ellen, a Travelling Psychologist & Management Consultant
Better Relating Podcast | The Three Main Ingredients of Self-Care
Boost Blog Traffic | 21 Posts that’ll Help You Decide What Type of Writer to Be
Tiny Buddha | Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges (Book)
Sivana Spirit | I’m Ellen Bard, and this is my Dharma
Creative Life | Don’t Box in Your Creativity: How to Overcome Creative Barriers
Cracking Creativity Podcast | Leaving Corporate Culture, Opening Up to Creativity, and Juggling Many Passions
Desk to Dirtbag | Absolute, Must-Read (Amazing, Life-Changing) Travel Books
HCubed Occupational Psychologists | The Secret to Confidence: We all feel like impostors at times
Nomadtopia Podcast | Interview: Accidental Nomad
Katherine Writes | Self-Care for Entrepreneurs
Claire LeGresley | How to Love and Care for Your Body
Boost Blog Traffic | 23 Posts to Model If you Want to Get the Respect You Deserve in 2015
Emily Luxton Travel Blog | Post-card from Saudi Arabia
Financial Times | Where can I turn for help in developing my career?
Goals are Cool | Ellen Bard Interview: Helping us to Grow, Develop and Shine
Location Rebel | Interview Video Case Study – My Journey as a Digital Nomad
The Grass Gets Greener Podcast | Interview: Realizing You Have The Power To Change
Dr Danielle Dowling | Blogs I heart
Your Inspired Action | April Round Up!
Brunch at Aubrey’s | Everything Christmas
Emily Luxton | Postcard from Chiang Mai

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