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How to Optimise Your Productivity and Creativity Through Self-Care thumbnail

How to Optimise Your Productivity and Creativity Through Self-Care

Ever put pressure on yourself to perform? To get the million things on your list done, RIGHT NOW? Or, have you experienced that need to be creative, to come up with an amazing idea for a proposal, design, book, blog post, TODAY? Sometimes it can feel like being productive, and / or creative, are just downright…

7 Productivity Myths – Busted! thumbnail

7 Productivity Myths – Busted!

Do you feel like you know everything about productivity? For example, that if you’re driven, you put the hours in, you push yourself further – you’ll get to the end of that seemingly endless to-do list. After all, there’s nothing between you and a clean sheet of paper but hard work. And hey, you read this…


Fix one thing

When you’ve read this post, I have a mission for you. It doesn’t involve gun battles, self-destructing orders or Tom Cruise (sorry). It’s a way to make your life a little better. A little more pleasant. A little easier. Read on and discover your mission – should you choose to accept it. When I moved from…

How to Make Stress-Free Decisions thumbnail

How to Make Stress-Free Decisions

You look blankly at the options in front of you. It feels like there’s no end to the choices. Tension sits between your shoulder blades, and you read through the possibilities again, to see which you should choose. Intellectually, you know it’s not a life and death decision, but emotionally, you don’t want to make the…

5 Ways to Feel Creative More Often thumbnail

5 Ways to Feel Creative More Often

It’s hard to be creative all the time. Or even some of the time. Many of us never feel as if we’re creative, perhaps having been labelled as ‘uncreative’ at school. But if that’s you, you need to expand your definition of creativity. Creativity isn’t dichotomous; on, or off. It’s a continuum. Some activities are highly…

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